Caliber Yachts Headed South 2012

Owner(s) Yacht Color Ship's Station MMSI SSB Cell Phone email
Dawn and Ron Hughes Dawn Treader, Caliber 40 Green Hull, Green Canvas See SSB column 367376380 WDE6139   Dawn and Ron Hughes or
Andy Buck Andante, Caliber 38 Cream Hull, Teal Canvas WDG5295 367545170   215-205-5798
Peter Renfree Kankita            
Ken and Evie

Harmony, Caliber 35

Chris and Janet Waln Brilliant Star, Caliber 40LRC Cream Hull, Navy Canvas WDF7401 367484130   703-999-0513 and 703-405-0322
  Our Dream            
Calibers I have come across along the way:
Crescendo Talespinner Bright Ayes