I accidently got my finger on the wrong button of my iPhone. Meaning to take a still picture I wound up with this little video of the flags flapping while out on my second sail in ten months (you can read about my tale of woe elsewhere in the pages). Those of you who have crossed over to the dark side from the era of simple flip phones know how hard it is to see the little icons on Steve Jobs' now iconic iPhone in bright sunlight. You can see my Temple burgee, given to me by the Econ Department upon my retirement, and the burgee for the Republic of Little Farmers Cay (click here and scroll down to get the whole story) in the Exuma Chain of the Bahamas below the Temple T. I can't wait to visit Little Farmers Cay again. The restaurant and its owner were quite fun and the wood carver on the hill behind the restaurant is the source of the (Temple?)owl that Diana has with her out in Berkeley.