New in 2014

No pictures for the following tasks: In 2014 I refinished the cabin sole, the companionway steps and sections of the nearby bulkhead. I added a remote microphone so that it is easier to use the VHF from the helm. Also rebuilt the forward head.

This summer I had the stainless bow sprit tubing remanufactured to replace the one damaged the previous fall in Florida. A friend in the marina was able to restore the teak anchor platform. Summer of 2014 also saw my first pass at rectifying the rudder problem I found on my return to Florida from the Bahamas in May.


Below is the restored anchor platform on the new stainless framework.

Below is the anchor platform after it was reassembled from the three pieces into which I had split it when I ran headlong into a daymark. To pull it together and strengthen it there are now three stainless steel threaded rods running through it crosswise.


This is the underside of the shelf that carries the upper bearing of the rudder. Don't be fooled by the uniformly white paint except around one bolt. The paint was just holding together all the rotten wood. You can also see some gray goop that a previous owner tried to use to fix the rot problem.

In this picture you can see the beginnings of scraping out the rotten wood back to the fiberglass mat that is the top surface of the shelf. The black lines are mine and represent the extremis of what I would be removing. I laid them out after poking around with an ice pick to find solid wood.

Finished scraping out the rot.

After scraping I first made a paper pattern so that I would be able to get a more exact fit to the shape I needed for rerplacing the rot.

My final pattern, made from the paper pattern, was made from corrugated plastic board used in marketing signs at the local liquor store.

I cut the replacement Coosa board using the plastic pattern in the picture at the left.

The oicture at the right shows the whole thing put back together.