2006 World Championships

Manchester, England

At this event I never got on the podium.  The best i could muster as 6th in the scratch race, known as the Geldard Trophy.


This was taken during the 500 m TT; standing start, 500 meters, against the clock, best time wins. 
This photo is during the points race.  Woody Cox and Gerard Robert, both are World Champions, are behind me; too bad they didn't stay there. There are more points race pictures in the row below.
This picture shows the effort during the pursuit; 2km against the clock.
The pictures below are from the Geldard Trophy Race
At left is Chip on the podium with Woody and Patrick.  Wood broke the world record in the 2 km and Patrick went on to win the match sprints.
At left is Scott in one of the two world championship jerseys that he won in 2006.