Steve Lehman put on a hard charge in the last half the season, but he missed too many early races.  On the occasions that we were in the same race I never beat him.  By the same token, Cavendish had far more stage wins than Contador, Contador never beat Cavendish in a stage of the Tour de France, yet Contador was the overall winner  In an omnium, as in a stage race, its the accumulated points or time that matters. 
Modeling the the winner's jersey along side the ever gracious second place finisher.
From the June 2008 TT on West River Drive in Philadelphia.  Why am i riding those wheels?
Yours truly is fourth man back.  Chip Berezny is third in line and Scott Butler is last in line.  We warm up with whoever is around before dividing up to start the heavy lifting.  The warm up usually consists of about 6 miles at a moderate pace, followed by 30 laps that slowly increase the pace until the last lap is done in the neighborhood of 30 mph.