Economics 3501 Section 002

Spring 2012

 Tuesday, 5:30 PM - 8 PM

Anderson 2

Intermediate Microeconomics

Grading Policy

1.  A bit of advice: Attendance is not mandatory, but there will be an explicit portion of your grade attributable to class participation. Furthermore, economics, while of great practical importance, is a very difficult intellectual pursuit.  With that in mind, you must try to come to every class and work with the material a little every

2.  Class participation. I will be keeping track of who participates.  If you are asked a direct question and get the answer correct you will receive a 10. If you provide a correct answer, but to a question other than that which I asked then you will get a 5.  If you are struck dumb or are absent then you will get a zero. If you are not in class when I call on you then you will receive a zero (0) for that instance.

3.  There will be many short homework assignments during the semester. In addition to material from the text these will be the basis for class discussion; ignore them at your peril.The homework is linked to the syllabus. The homework will be on the date correpsonding to its appearance in the syllabus. There is no such thing as late homework.

4.  There will be three hour exams.  These will be closed book exams. Each will cover one third of the course.  Economics is an intellectually cumulative subject. Again, don't be fooled by our once per week meetings and the fact that the exams are not explicitly cumulative.


6.  Your grade will be determined as follows:

Class Participation 20%
Homework 20%
Hour Exam 1 20%
Hour Exam 2 20%
Hour Exam 3 20%

  7.  There are no make-up exams. There is no such thing as late homework. There is no such thing as extra credit.

8.  Throughout the semester grades will be posted to the Blackboard web site.