Temple University
Department of Economics

Economics 8009 (was 615)
Econometrics I

Rules of the Game: Attendance is at your discretion, but I have not met anyone who can do well in graduate school without a near religious commitment to the course of study. You should read the assignments before coming to class. This applies even if you feel that we are way behind schedule or that you are better prepared than the other students in the class. As in all of your classes, the subject is cumulative. Sometimes an earlier discussion will become clearer by having read material which comes after it. Our time in class is brief. To make the most of that class time you should write out your questions and bring them with you; you should quiz yourself on what you have read; you should get together in study groups and quiz one another. If you haven't already heard, this class is demanding.  Come to class prepared and don't fall behind.  You can read some more about where we are headed with 8009 and 8119.

Course Grade Determination:

Homework 25%
Midterm 25%
Final 25%
Paper 25%

Homework: To discourage late homework, it is accepted at only 50% of the lowest score earned by those who turned it in on time.  The PhD is a research degree.  When you are done you are certified as having the ability to conceptualize, research and solve problems in economics.  The practical consequence of this is that you may have to do some research in order to do your homework.  The homework is a mix of assignments from similar courses offered at other universities and from past versions of Econ 8009.  This should give you some idea of what your peers are doing around the world.

Paper: You will note in the syllabus that there are some interim products which must be produced as part of your research paper. If you do not submit the interim products then I will not accept the paper.  If asked to do so, you must be able to provide me with a file containing the data you used for your paper. A late paper will automatically receive a grade no higher than a 90%.

Exams: The midterm will cover all material to that point.  It is mandatory. The final is cumulative and mandatory. Only a note from a medical doctor will be accepted for missing an exam. The date for the final is included in the syllabus, make your travel plans accordingly.