Temple University
Economics 1902
Principles of Microeconomics
Spring 2009


Follow the following links will take you to pages hosting economics games on the web.   These can serve as a good introduction to game theory.


  1. An elementary prisoner's dilemma at Bryn Mawr College.
  2. This iterated, spatial prisoner's dilemma from the Netherlands allows you to learn about altruism.
  3. A recent discovery: Parrando's Paradox.  If you do a web search you will find recent results that suggest tthere is no poaradox.
  4. A chronology of game theory.
  5. Some Nobel links
        John Nash, John Harsanyi, Richard Selten shared the 1994 Nobel for their work on non-cooperative games.

        William Vickrey won the Nobel in 1996.  One of his noteworthy achievements was the modeling of auctions as a strategic game.
  6. A portal for courses, books, games and other interesting stuff.