Video test page

Clip Format Module Modem Speed Characteristic Frame Rate Transmission Rate File Size
Film 1 Quick Start 28.8 High Motion 8 fps 22kbps 300k
Film 2 Quick Start 28.8 Music 6 fps 22kbps 303k
Film 3 Quick Start 28.8 Presentation 8fps 22kbps 300k
Film 4 Custom 28.8 scalable   15fps 33kbps (audio 6kbps) 450
Film 5 Template 56 scalable   15fps 55kbps (audio 6.5kbps) 754
Film 6 Custom 56 scalable   15fps 10sec/Ifr buffer=5 55kbps 759

Clicking on the above links will launch media player and show the video.  For some reason the video below sometimes spawns an error message concerning the requested codec, although all the videos on this page use the same code.

The embedded video at the right is clip three in the table above.   The code used to display just the video console with no controls was developed after looking at the Disney site and reading the Netshow Tools help files.











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