This page tells you how to configure your browser so that you get the most out of my home page. Things have progressed so far in the last dozen years that most of this is irrelevant and/or obsolete.  Nonetheless, you should get the plug-in from LiveMath in the 4th row down.

Get Microsoft Internet Explorer

You really should have the latest release of Internet Explorer.

Get Windows Media Player

You will need the current release of Microsoft's Media Player in order to use the streaming video and audio files.  If you are a Temple student you can pick up the CD produced by computer services entitled "The Help Disk" and save yourself the download time of a rather large file.
crescendo.gif (3170 bytes)


Although not absolutely essential, you might want to get the Crescendo plugin about (1Mb) so that you can fully appreciate the MIDI (music) files scattered about on the site.

You might need the ActiveX version if you are of the Internet Explorer persuasion.  In that case, when you click on one of my links requiring the player you will automatically be taken to the Liveupdate site.

lmlogosplugin[1].gif (1639 bytes) You will want to get the free download (about 600Kb) from LiveMath needed to use some of the interactive mathematics on the site.  If this plugin doesn't work correctly with your browser then try this older version of the plugin or a newer version for Windows 2000.

The LiveMath link is also here.

For the time being there are some *.pdf pages on the site. I will be converting these to HTML as I have the time.
Unless you or someone else changed it, your browser is already JAVA capable. To enable your browser follow Options|Network Preferences|Preferences|Languages and check the boxes for JAVA and JAVAscript.
You need either the free EXCEL Viewer. Alternatively you can launch the EXCEL application. In Netscape follow Options|General Preferences|Helpers and edit the page so that EXCEL is launched when browser encounters an *.xls file.
For a few pages you will need to have MathCAD 7. These few pages are experimental and are not integral to understanding some of the educational content on the site. MathCAD 7 is a powerful symbolic math processor at a great price. Get it.
clickme1[1].gif (7223 bytes) Good news.  Even if you don't want to spring for the modest cost of MathCAD, you can still see these pages by using their viewer.  Try either of these links.  The file is 12Mb, so make sure that you have a high speed connection.

gamblogo.gif (13387 bytes) For Econ 92, the honors section of Principles of Microeconomics, you will need to get some strategic gaming software called Gambit. 
ghost64.gif (1902 bytes) To read the Gambit manuals you may also need a Postscript reader called Ghost

If you are running an IBM compatible under Windows 95 or higher and don't need instructions for downloading and installing plugins then I have put some of them here for you.