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The front end for separating display technology from the objects, located in a database, and their attributes.
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Experiments with different devices on the web:

A first EXCEL spreadsheet: Supply and demand equilibrium

Examples of MathView:

A first applet: A macroeconomic simulation(NT) or try the UNIX site if the NT doesn't work.

Experimenting with Hover Buttons

Experiments with VIDEO

If you are having trouble playing these videos then it may be due to security safeguards on your computer.  Trying pulling down the tools menu on your IE browser, select 'Internet Options', click on the Privacy Tab and accept all cookies.  Next, click on the Security Tab, click on the Custom button.  Make sure that you have enabled all of the Active X controls options.  If you still get an error message that the media player cannot find codec 75 then keep the browser settings you chose above.  Now from the Start button in the SYSTRAY choose 'RUN'.  In the dialog box enter mplayer2.  Once the mplayer2 is launched, launch one of the videos below, right click on the video display, choose properties, copy the address of the video, an *.asf file, and paste it into mplayer2.  This should coerce your computer to download the necessary codec.  If none of this works then I don't know what else to tell you.

Items 1, 2 and 3 were done in 1997 with my home video camera, so don't be too critical.

(1) Experimenting with video formats, including an embedded video viewer.
(2) An event in an html page spawns a different video in the adjacent frame. This has been restored after a hiatus due to hardware changes and software obsolescence.
(3) An event in a video spawns a different html page in the adjacent frame.  This still has a problem in it.

The following two format examples are not streaming.

(4) Click her for an example of an embedded avi clip.

(5) Click here for an example of an embedded mpeg clip.

Experiments with Audio
A Pull Down Music Play List

A second pull down play list

George Lady's Experiment with VB on the Web.

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