Temple University

Principles of Microeconomics
Spring 2012

Economics 1102

 Section 21 , Tuesday-Thursday, 2 PM - 3:20 PM
Anderson Hall 2

Speakman 212

Grading Policy

1.  A bit of advice: Attendance is not mandatory, but absences can hurt your grade. Economics, while of great practical importance, is a very difficult intellectual pursuit.  With that in mind, you must try to come to every class and work with the material a little every day.  Also, see the remarks below about class participation.

2.  Class participation.  There will be explicit scoring for class participation.  A correct answer to a direct question of mine will be worth 10 pts, a verbal response of any sort that is a correct answer to some question is worth 5 points.  If you are non-responsive then you will get 0 points. At the end I will average across all your responses, and multiply by 10 to get a score for participation.  If you are absent or not present when I call on you then I will regard that as non-responsive and is worth zero (0) points.  There are very few excuses for absence that I regard as bona fide.

3. Homework. There will be numerous homework assignments throughout the semester. These are all linked to the syllabus and are no longer done online. Don't expect anything to happen when you click on the submit button.  You will have to print them out, complete them by entering your answers in the appropriate boxes and turn them in during class. The homework is due on the day it appears in the syllabus. There is no such thing as late homework.

4.  There will be three hour exams. There is NO FINAL EXAM as such.  These will be closed book exams. You will not be permitted to use your cell phone as a calculator during the exam. Each exam will explicitly cover one third of the course. The dates of the exams are shown in the syllabus.  Economics is intellectually cumulative.  There are sample exams linked to the syllabus. 

5.  Your grade will be determined as follows:

Homework 20%
Participation 20%
3 Hour Exams 20% each

6. There is no such thing as extra credit.  By the end of the semester you will have done many homework assignments, written three exams, and responded to questions in class about once per week (on average).  That is more than enough graded work for you to show me what you have learned.

7.  Throughout the semester grades will be posted to the Blackboard web site.