Instructional Uses of the World Wide Web

Andrew J. Buck
Professor of Economics
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Fox School of Business
Temple University


Set Goals

1. Do you just want to save a few trees by putting your lecture notes on the web?
2. Substitute a bunch of $1000+ computers for a $200 overhead and a bunch of textbooks?
3. Create out of class experiences (Shirley Maclain watch out) not previously available to your students?











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Substitutes for and complements to Face to Face Interaction

synchronous and asynchronous; soliloquy or dialogue 
push versus pull
bulletin boards
NetMeeting - - Voice and shared documents










The Web as a Resource

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Tools: Regression and a probability calculator


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Learning Activities should involve more than movement of the eyeballs. There are three kinds of learning (inter)activities which can be linked to your syllabus.

I. Internet activities

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Research a topic

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Take a field trip

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Read a newspaper article

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Participate in a discussion
















II. Web site activities

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Read Notes

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Use a tutorial

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Run a numerical macroeconomic simulation or simulate principles in statistics

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Review an exam

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Do a homework

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Post a response

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Visit with Socrates

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Watch a video

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Run a schematic simulation












III. Off-line activities

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