In fall 2011 I ran the main sail head board car off the top of the foil inside the mast. In the spring, mid-April to be clear about this, when they took the mast out to put everything right again they discovered that the bottom 8 feet of the mast was cracked. Thus began a journey that was originally estimated to be 4-6 weeks and eventually stretched into September. Below is a photographic essay of the day the mast was put into the boat. Other related events can be found here on the 2012 projects page.

mast01.jpg (560085 bytes)

This picture shows the location of the old mast and where it should have been: Centered on the red dot.

mast02.jpg (4399907 bytes)
mast03.jpg (4275373 bytes) mast04.jpg (3704735 bytes)

Laying out some parts.

mast05.jpg (3584094 bytes)Mast and boom. mast06.jpg (2497840 bytes)

The crane moving into position aft of the boat.

mast07.jpg (1775803 bytes)Starting to lift the mast. mast08.jpg (541742 bytes)

Mike Sipala is handling that ~55 feet mast as though it were nothing more than a match stick.

mast09.jpg (3489804 bytes) mast010.jpg (413913 bytes)

The Scottish Highlanders and their wimpy cabers have nothing on Sipala!

mast011.jpg (2786132 bytes)

No rude comments please.

mast12.jpg (2824381 bytes)

Easy does it.

mast13.jpg (2824997 bytes)Mike has fingertip control. mast14.jpg (2186473 bytes)
mast15.jpg (1157593 bytes)

The pause that refreshes.

mast17.jpg (2061482 bytes)


mast18.jpg (2091473 bytes)Now do you have vertigo? mast19.jpg (263937 bytes)

It's a long way to the top.

mast20.jpg (2449557 bytes)

This is my second day under sail with the new mast.  The first day was in rather poor weather so I didn't take pictures. At the time this photo was taken I am under just the genoa since the main sail is still under construction.

mast22.jpg (288205 bytes)
mast curve.JPG (109121 bytes)

My mast is the near one.If you look closely you can see the curve of this beauty as she reaches skyward.  Everyday I admire it as I walk down the dock.

The new main, crying out to be sailed.

Mast_Sipala_Crew.JPG (130105 bytes) The Sipala Spars and Rigging crew, Chuck and Mike (L to R)

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