Temple University
Department of Economics

Economics 3501 (was 201)
Section 002, Anderson Hall 2

Spring 2012




Date and Day Reading Other Homework
January 17, Tuesday

Introduction to Course: The rules of the game

Production Possibilities: A Review

Overview and Remarks

Top Careers

The Parable of Tommy, Penny and Nicky 

January 24, Tuesday

 More Tommy, Penny and Nicky

Supply and Demand

Chapter 2 and the Appendix


  Supply and Demand

 NY Times article on movies in China

Hotels in Philadelphia

Price Floors and Strategic Reserves

Price Ceilings and Efficiency

Markets, Taxes and Efficiency

Consumer Surplus


January 31, Tuesday

Monday, Jan 30 is the last day to drop a class.

Rational Consumer Choice

Chapter 3 and Appendix

Chapter 4

Individual and Market Demand

Consumer choice Pt 1

Consumer Choice Pt 2

1. Production Possibilities will be graded as one homework.

Answer Key

2. Caraway Seeds. Part A will be graded as one homework. Parts B and C are due on 2/7/2012 and will be graded as one homework.

Answer Key

February 7, Tuesday

More Chapter 4


Applications of Rational Choice

Chapter 5

Indifference Curves and Key

Utility Maximization

3. Supply and Demand: Gopher Wood in Ararat. I Should have looked more closely on Tuesday in class and seen that this was indeed a different assignment from 2. above. Oh well, let'scancel it. Do the part referred to in the previous box for this week.

Answer Key


February 14, Tuesday 1st Hour Exam. Your exam will last for half of the usual meeting time. The second half of class will be used for instruction. Past exams: Test 01,  Test Fall '08 These are only examples.
Information and Choice Under Uncertainty

Chapter 6


4. Consumer Choice

Answer Key  

February 21, Tuesday Production

Chapter 9 and Appendix


Chapter 10 and Appendix


Production from 1 Input



5. Elasticity

Answer Key

February 28, Tuesday

Chapter 11

Perfect Competition

Good Practice: Swashbuckle Production

Answer Key

Cost and Competition

March 6, Tuesday Spring Break, No Class
March 13, Tuesday

Chapter 12


Good Practice: The Catnip Industry

Answer Key

6. Production

Answer Key Producton Hwk Key

March 20, Tuesday

Last day to withdraw.

2nd Hour Exam. Your exam will last for half of the usual meeting time. The second half of class will be used for instruction.
Imperfect Competition

and Game Theory

Chapter 13
Imperfect Competition

Game Theory Notes

Monopolistic Competition

7. Costs

Answer Key

March 27, Tuesday More Chapter 13   8. Calloway Cabs has a monopoly

Answer Key. The numbers are different, but the mthod is the same.

April 3, Tuesday Chapter 14

Labor Markets

  13. Price Discrimination

Answer Key

April 10, Tuesday Externalities

Chapter 16

Labor Markets

Notes on Labor Markets

Practice Hwk 1

Practice Hwk 2

Practice Hwk 3

April 17, Tuesday Chapter 17, Section 1

Public Goods

Practice: Public Goods


Notes on Externalities

Notes on Public Goods

15. Labor Markets

Answer Key

April 24, Tuesday Your third and last hour exam. This is NOT a final exam. It is an hour exam and will follow the same format as yor first two exams. 16. Externaltitiesand Efficiency

Answer Key