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Principles of Microeconomics

Fall 1998 Syllabus: Econ 52

Spring 1999 Syllabus: Econ 92

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Interactive Lessons (You need the MathView plugin)

Linear Graphs: Slopes and Intercepts
Graphs: Down and to the Right?
Production Possibilities Frontiers: Movements and Shifts
A Change in the Quantity Demanded
A Change in the Quantity Supplied
A Shifting the Demand Curve
A Shifting the Supply Curve
Effect of a Change in Demand on Equilibrium
Effect of a Change in Supply on Equilibrium
Measuring Consumer Surplus
Measuring Producer Surplus
Elasticity: Part 1 and Part 2 and Part 3
The Incidence of a Tax
Taxes and Deadweight loss
How Many Should You Buy
Getting the Most for Your Money

Production from one variable input
Fixed, Variable and Total Costs
Average and Marginal Costs


TN00411A.gif (2245 bytes) Exercises

1. Production Possibilities Frontier
2. Elasticity
3. Equilibrium
4. Supply and Demand
5. Utility Maximization
6. Indifference Curves
7. Consumer Surplus
8. Production from One Input: Total, Average and Marginal Product
9. The Competitive Paradigm
10. Pure Monopoly
11. Monopolistic Competition
12. Monopoly, Competition and Regulation
13. Should we invoke Antitrust or Regulation?
14. Labor Demand: Competitive Goods Mkts and Competitive labor Market
15. Demand for Labor: inelastic goods demand and upward supply of labor
16. Wage Determination
17. Two Country Trade: Supply and Demand

AN00130A.gif (2335 bytes)Discussion Questions

  Introduction, Economists' Toolkit and Graphs
  Scarcity, Choice, and Supply and Demand
  Marginal Analysis and Demand
  Choice of Input and Profit Maximization
  Perfect Competition
  The Price System and Laissez Faire
  Real Firms
  Imperfect Competition
  Regulation of Business
  Market Failure
  Factor Markets

photo-greenspan.jpg (37361 bytes) Items in the News

Demand for Hotel Rooms in Philly

Microsoft's Antitrust Woes

Deregulating Electricity

Foreign Exchange

The Euro

The World Financial Crisis of 1998

Nafta after Five Years

More Challenging Reading

Privatizing PA's Liquor Stores

Health Care for the Poor

The Living Wage and Philadelphia

Discrimination in Baseball

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