Economics Department Seminars

Spring 2008

Thursday, February 28
11:40 AM - 12:30 PM
Ritter Annex 560

Reservation Values in Laboratory Auctions: Context and Bidding Behavior

Theodore Turocy and Elizabeth Watson
Texas A&M University


Monday, 2/25/2008

11:40 AM - 12:30 PM

Ritter Annex 565

Yasemin Ulu

St Cloud State Univ (Ph.D., Western Michigan)

Japanese Foreign Exchange Intervention and the Yen/Dollar Exchange Rate:

A Simultaneous Equations Approach Using Realized Volatility




Monday, 02/04/2008
11:45 AM - 12:45 PM
Speakman 394
Jing Liu
Cornell University
Generalized Residual-Based Specification Testing for Duration Models with Censoring


Friday, 2/1/2008
11:45 - 12:45
Speakman 394

Jing Zhou
Boston University
Testing jointly for structural changes in the error variance and coefficients of a linear regression model


Friday, 1/25, from 11:45 am to 12:45 pm

Hess (Thomas) Chung

  Speakman Hall 390.

 "What has financed government debt?"

Hess Chung and Eric Leeper.

Tuesday (1/29) from11:45 am to 12:45 pm 

Speakman Hall 318

Bin Li (Chicago, macro)

Evaluating Structural Vector Autoregression Models in Monetary Economies





Fall 2007

December 10th, Monday
2:40 PM - 4 PM
Speakman Hall 394

Ants vs. Grasshoppers: Small Firm CEOs and Protective Investments for Rare Hazards,

Investments in mitigation against low-probability, high-consequence events
Jacqueline Meszaros
U of Washington and NSF



November 28th, Wednesday
11:40 AM - 12:30 PM

Ritter Annex 864 - "The Meinster Room"

The Crash of 1882, Counterparty Risk, and the Bailout of the Paris Bourse
Eugene White
Rutgers University





October 26, Friday
2:40 - 4 PM
Ritter Annex 207
Asymptotic Distribution of Single-Equation Estimators in a Heteroskedastic IV Regression with Many Instruments

John Chao
University of Maryland


November 16, Friday
11:40 - Noon
Speakman 391
CSPD Conference Room

The Impact of Homework on Student Achievement

Ozkan Eren and Daniel J. Henderson, SUNY Binghamton


September 14, Friday
10:40 AM - Noon
Walk Auditorium
Ritter Hall

Social Identity and Preferences
Dan Benjamin, Cornell
James Choi, Yale
and A. Joshua Strickland, Yale


October 18, Thursday
10:40 AM - Noon

Walk Auditorium

The Effects of Government Size on the Steady-State Unemployment Rate: An Error Correction Model (Graphs)
Siyan Wang
University of Delaware





January 2008
Daniel Henderson
SUNY Binghamton


Spring 2007

April 25th, Wednesday, 3:00 - 4:00 PM
Speakman 394

Case-based Network Formation:
Looking at What Happened to the People to Whom You Were Previously Connected
Dimitrios Diamantaras and Rob Gilles




February 12, Monday
11:40 AM
Speakman Hall
Erkut Ozbay (NYU C.V.)

Unawareness and Strategic Announcements in Games with Uncertainty


February 9, Friday
11:40 AM
391 Speakman Hall

Yong Bao

Assistant Prof @ UTexas-San Antonio
Comparing Density Forecast Models




January 26, Friday
11:40 AM
318 Speakman
Lone Christiansen (UCSD)

Do Technology Shocks lead to Productivity Slowdowns?
Evidence from Patent Data



January 30, Tuesday
11:40 AM
318 Speakman Hall
Xiaodong Liu
Nonparametric Estimation of Large Auctions with Risk Averse Bidders
PhD Ohio State



February 1 Thursday
11:40 AM
Speakman 318
Joe Yang (U Mich)
Correlated Equilibrium and the Estimation of Static
Discrete Games
with Complete Information


February 2, Friday
11:40 AM
109 Speakman Hall
Daniel Sgroi (PhD Oxford, now at Cambridge)
The Optimal Choice of Pre-Launch Reviewer




A Multivariate Poisson Model of Airport Choice
Andrew Buck, Erwin Blackstone, and Simon Hakim



Two papers on the Bushmeat Trade
1. Using Quantile Regression to Estimate Demand and Supply Curves
2.  Bio-conservation and the Production Possibilities Frontier: An Application of Data Envelopment Analysis. We are at a very preliminary stage so you need two peices: Pt 1 and Pt 2
Wayne A. Morra, Gail Hearn and Andrew J. Buck








Fall 2006

 Wednesday, November 1
1 PM
309 Ritter Hall
George Lady, Temple University and James P. Quirk
The Scope of the LeChatelier Principle


Wednesday, November 15

Ritter Hall 309
1 PM
Greg Greene, Idaho State University


Wednesday, December 6
1 PM
Carzo Room, 394 Speakman
Credit Channels of Monetary Policy: a
Theoretical Assessment of the Identification
Roger A Diaz
Drexel University




Ancient History: Prior Semesters


Spring 2006


Friday, January 27
1:30 PM

318 Speakman Hall
Lonnie Goldin
Penn State U
The work Lonnie used for his presentation:
Item One, Two, Three and Four


Thursday,  February 9
318 Speakman Hall
1:30 PM

Myths and Realities of Wage Reform:
Evaluating "Pay for Performance" in the Japanese Firm
Tsuyoshi Tsuru
Freeman Visiting Professor of Economics,
University of California, Berkeley
Professor of Economics,
Institute of Economic Research,
Hitotsubashi University


February 23
Thursday, 3 - 4 PM
Ritter Annex 864
Svitlana Maksymenko
Temple University


April 3, Monday
1:30 PM
318 Speakman Hall
(The Carzo Room)

Peter Zaleski and Fred Esposto
Villanova and Kutztown
Market Power and Capacity Utilization: For-Profit versus Non-Profit Hospital

Pete's Materials: Part I and Part II



Fall 2005

Wednesday, October 12
2:30 PM
Carzo Room, 3rd floor Speakman Hall
Bill Dunkelberg
Temple University


Monday, October 17
1:30 PM - 3 PM
Tuttleman 300 AB
The Economics of Happiness
Donald Wargo
Temple University


Wednesday, October 26
3 PM - 4:30 PM
Tuttleman 401A
Promotions, Demotions, Halo Effects and Earnings Dynamics of American Executives
Mike Bognanno
Temple University


Thursday, November 17
1:30 PM
Tuttleman 300AB
Universities as Two-Sided Markets
Mike Goetz
Temple University


January 27, 2006
1:30 - 3 PM
The Welfare Consequences of Overtime Working: Health, Happiness and Family
Lonnie Golden
Penn State University



Spring 2005


Wednesday, March 16
2:15 PM
Carzo Room: 318 Speakman Hall
The Output Gap
Bill Dunkelberg


This event has been cancelled! Tuesday, March 29
2:30 PM
Tuttleman 405AB
A Joint Econometric Model of Marriage and Partner Choice
Elaina Rose
University of Washington


This event has been rescheduled for Monday,

May 2, 2005

See below.

Wednesday, April 13
2:30 PM
Tuttleman 405AB
Financial Engineering: Case Studies
Michael Peng



Note that the date for this event has been changed to April 21. Thursday, April 21
2:30 PM
Tuttleman 405AB
Economics and Biodiversity: Primates in Equatorial Guinea
Wayne Morra
Arcadia University



Thursday, April 28
2:30 PM
Tuttleman 405AB
Demographics and Asset Returns in Japan
Slides and Text
Kenji Wada
Keio University, Japan


Friday, April 29
2:30 PM
Tuttleman 405AB
Stock Repurchase in Japan
Slides and Text
Kenji Wada
Keio University, Japan


Monday, May 2
2:30 PM
Tuttleman 405AB
Financial Engineering: Case Studies
Part 1 and Part 2
Michael Peng


Fall 2004

Friday, October 29
Tuttleman 101
"Delayed Payment Contracts and Age Related Job Loss Penalties in Japan"
 Mike Bognanno and Lisa Delgado


Wednesday, November 3
2:40 - 4:30 PM
Location: 300 Ritter Hall
The Scope of the LeChatlier Principle
George Lady


Wednesday, November 10
Kiva Auditorium
Mutlinationals and Strategy
Ram Mudambi, GSM, Temple University


Wednesday, November 17
Location: 300 Ritter Hall
The Mushroom Treatment: Information Suppression and Misrepresentation in Organizations: Abstract
David Croson, MIS, Temple University


Monday, December 6
2 PM
Tuttleman 307AB
The Output Gap
Bill Dunkelberg





Spring 2004


Monday, March 1
Piercing Sovereign Ceiling:
Defining the 3-D Securitization Space of Future Export Receivables
Anne Zissu and Charles Stone
Ritter Annex 722
2:40 PM


Monday, March 22
Caste, Ethnicity and Poverty in Rural India

Ira N. Gang
, Kunal Sen and Myeong-Su Yun
318 Speakman Hall
2:40 PM


Friday, April 2
Loan Search and Banking Relationships
Bill Dunkelberg, Mike Leeds and Jon Scott
Ritter Annex 722
2:40 PM


Monday, April 5
Culture as Organizational Capital in Economic Growth
Dimitrios Diamantaras and Charles Swanson
Ritter Annex 722
2:40 PM