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Undergrad Econometrics, Econometrics I, II and III for MA and PhD Students

Where the grad courses begin, develop, and end. My lecture notes for econometrics are available online.

Caveat Emptor:
1. Do not write and ask if there are answer keys. Those answer keys that exist in digital form are linked below.
2. In 2011, after many years of development, Temple University stopped supporting many features of my web site. Any homework forms that have 'fill in the blank' questions and a submit button will not work. There are a number of mime types that they have been unwilling to add to the server registry. Their response to my objections has been that "Blackboard does it all." You don't want to hear my reaction to that assertion.

Economics 3503 (was 341 (Intro to Econometrics (undergrad))) The 2011 Syllabus: You can find lecture notes and outlines here.

Economics 8009 (was 615 (Econometrics I))

Economics 8119 (was 616 (Econometrics II))

Economics 8190 Topics in Econometrics: The 2010 Syllabus and the 2011 Syllabus

Data Sets for Homework Assignments in Econ 8009, Econ 8119. and 8190

Econ 615 Syllabus

Econ 616 Syllabus

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